The First Visit

Your First Visit

Let our dedicated Gonstead doctor help your body heal naturally! Here at Stuckey Family Chiropractic, we accommodate walk-ins and new patients. Feel free to drop by our clinic today. We have FREE parking spaces available.
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Detailed Health History

On your first visit, you'll meet our chiropractor in a comfortable exam room where you need to fill out appropriate forms. You'll be asked about your detailed health concerns and history to help determine if yours is a chiropractic case. 

We guarantee that our doctor will carefully listen to all your concerns and has a keen attention to detail. In our clinic, we'll treat you as a whole person and give you the best chiropractic care you need.

Comprehensive Medical Exams

The second step is to complete a series of exams. including special tests. These will help determine where your problem areas might be and how to address them. The tests include:
  • Static palpation – feeling the bones in your spine for tenderness, swelling, and other abnormalities
  • Motion palpation – bending your spine to look for signs of fixation
  • Instrumentation – running a Nervo-scope® down your spine to locate areas of swelling
The Nervo-scope® feels like two fingers gliding down your spine. It detects heat, which is an indication of swelling. These tests, in addition to others, will help us in determining if you have a chiropractic case and if we can help you.
Spine x-ray

X-rays and Spine Adjustment

If necessary, you'll undergo a full spine, weight bearing (standing) x-ray for us to:
  • Determine the condition of the discs (the cushions between the vertebrae in your spine)
  • Determine the phases of degeneration
  • Locate potential problem areas or misalignment
  • Rule out other pathologies (disease)
An x-ray is an important tool for analysis. We don't want to guess at your health care. After this, you're ready for your first specific adjustment. We'll let you know our specific plan for your adjustments. 

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